About Us

Wildlife Workshop Team


Rob Wilson has been a professional wildlife photographer and birdwatcher for over 25 years.During that time, he has lost count, but has had well over 1000 pictures published in books, greetings cards and magazines in the Uk and around the World.


His British list of birds  is 528 so therefore his knowledge is not just of the photography but of the birds and wildlife.

During his life he has lived in Canada for 16 years, so has good knowledge of North American birds, and from his travels also nows a great deal about European birds


Jill Wilson has been taught photography by Rob and over the last 7 years has also had many images published in magazines, calendars and on greetings cards. Jill often attends workshops with Rob to help on the Photography courses. 

Jointly we are both experts on the final product, by which we mean, what happens to the images when you have taken them. We can advise on software and its use along with how to get the best when printing - which should not  just be a dying art!



Rob Wilson has received many Carl Zeiss Awards